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Using Virtual Buttons and Hotkeys

Overview and Getting Started

Hotkeys let you put virtual buttons on your phone or tablet that you can tap to send commands to your controller. These commands can be the same as spoken commands, or a custom command you wouldn’t speak. You can add hotkeys to specific profiles, then use them from your controller’s page to trigger macros or single button/key presses. Another way to think about Hotkeys is a collection of virtual buttons or switches you might use.

Adding Virtual Buttons and Hotkeys to Profiles

  1. To start using Hotkeys, you’ll need to add them to a controller profile. You first tap the “Edit Hotkeys” button.
  2. Then you can add or edit any hotkeys for this profile.
  3. To add a new one, tap the “add a new hotkey” button at the top
  4. Each hotkey is then given a display name that shows up on the button and the command you want to execute or trigger when the button is pressed.
  5. TIP: you can also tap the hotkey in the list to expand or collapse it to make room. You can also swipe the hotkey from left to right to reveal buttons to delete it or to clone it.
  6. Once you’ve added your hotkeys, make sure you go back and tap the save button for your profile.

Using Hotkeys From Your Controller Page

Once you’ve set a profile for your controller that has one or more hotkeys added to it, you can go to the Hotkeys card on your controllers page and tap “Start Hotkeys”


Then you can tap any of the buttons added to the screen to fire the commands!


Tips and Best Practices

Hotkeys are a great tool for making quick buttons to automate common tasks in both apps and games. Therefore, they play best with triggering macros and used alongside spoken commands. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks for using hotkeys!  The hotkeys page will try to fill the entire page with buttons based on how many you add to a profile. This means that you can have a page of many buttons or one big mega button for a single purpose and everything in between. Many users find success in using hotkeys alongside a keyboard or controller to offset having to do many different combos at once with a single hotkey button. Hotkeys are great for both gaming and for productivity!

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