Using Remote Typing

Overview and Getting Started

The remote typing feature of the Enabled Play app lets you type a message into the text box and then tap “send” or “enter” to have your controller type it into the device it is plugged into!

It’s really that simple! Plug your device in, make sure it’s connected, and start typing from your mobile keyboard.


Using Your Mobile Keyboard


Because this feature lets you type any message into the text box to send to your controller, you can use any feature of your keyboard on your tablet or phone within the app. You can type, swipe, or even dictate the text you want to send.


You can also use remote typing as part of macros! To do this, add an event or step to your macro with the “type a message” type, then enter the message you want it to type. Learn more about adding macros to profiles here: Creating Controller Profiles


Once this macro is triggered, your message will be typed!


Use cases and best practices


Here are some of our favorite ways that people have used the remote typing feature!


  • Writing lyrics on your computer using your swipe feature
  • Dictating an essay while using voice commands and hotkeys to trigger other things in Microsoft Word (like saving, copy, paste, etc.)
  • Entering the name of a new character or world when creating a new game (no more using your xbox controller to move up and down through the virtual keyboard!)
  • Using the touch screen and auto suggestions on computers you couldn’t before!

animation of typing hello world into the remote typing box

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