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(Beta) Using External Keyboard and Input Devices

Overview and Getting Started

Some Enabled Play Controllers allow you to plug in external input devices into the USB ports such as Keyboards, Switch interfaces like the Makers Making Change Enabled Controller, or one-handed keyboards like the Razer Tartarus. You can then re-map any of these external device buttons in an Enabled Play Profile. For example, you may want to turn the space bar into a mouse click, turn the arrow keys into moving the mouse, add a custom switch to press a button, or use any other keyboard button into a full macro.

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Plug your keyboard or other input device into your Enabled Play Controller via the USB ports on the front of the Enabled Play Controller
  2. Plug your Enabled Play Controller into your computer or other device
  3. Create a profile that re-maps the inputs of the external keyboard device
  4. Use this profile for your Enabled Play Controller in the App


Re-mapping Inputs in the Enabled Play App


External keyboard inputs can be added to your profile just like every other input such as voice commands, face expressions, etc. This means you can have the keyboard be used for pressing other buttons, running a macro, playing audio / using talkback, and more.

You can add external keyboard button inputs in the Command Builder, in the Keys and Button settings, in the Macro settings, and in the TalkBack settings.

Select that you want to use an external keyboard input, then select the key you want to press.

Learn more about adding inputs to profiles here: Creating Controller Profiles


Checkout the video on this page to see more!


Use cases and best practices


Here are a couple things that are important to note with this feature:

  • You must plug in your keyboard before plugging in your Enabled Play controller
  • You can press buttons that are not re-mapped and Enabled Play will send it as a standard input
  • Holding down keys may lag if used in video games, but work as expected in non-gaming applications
  • These inputs are only supported on Physical Enabled Play Controllers.

Here are some of our favorite ways that people have used the external keyboard re-mapping!


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