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Sharing Profiles


Sharing profiles is how you can take any profile you’ve made and give someone else a copy of it to personalize for themselves! It’s a great tool for helping others get started in using their Enabled Play device or to show off what you’ve made.

Creating Profile Share Links

To share a profile, go to the profiles page and scroll to the “Share” button.

This will open up the share page where you can choose some rules about the share link you will create. You can choose:

  • If the share can only be used once, or infinite times
  • If the share link should expire or not

Once you choose your settings, tap the “Create Share Link” button which will generate your unique link and open share options so you can send it to someone or post it online.

You can also come back to the share page for your profile and delete past shares, so if you no longer want to share that profile, existing links will no longer work.

Using Shared Profiles

When someone sends you a profile share link, you can tap it on your phone or tablet where the Enabled Play app is installed. This will then open up Enabled Play directly to a preview of this profile. You can explore the profile, see what commands, macros, hotkeys, and dictation phrases are included before you add the profile to your account.

If you like the profile and want to start using it, simply tap the “Add this Profile” button to add it to your account and you will get your very own copy of the profile to use! You can now make changes to this profile without affecting the original profile that was shared – it’s your very own copy to personalize for you.

If you have a great profile you want to share so others can use, let us know on twitter! And we’ll share it out with even more people.


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