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Enabled Play Controllers are a great tool to help students use their computers and programs more easily in ways that work best for them. Enabled Play is on a mission to make every computer, program, game, and technology more accessible and personal for every student.

Educators and students use Enabled Play for many different things inside the classroom and at home! Here are just a few of our favorite examples:

  • More easily navigating and browsing research
  • Using a mix of commands and dictation for research and writing
  • Giving presentations hands free
  • Muting and unmuting themselves in Zoom classrooms
  • Building programs to help other students
  • Automating common tasks like opening common programs, navigating to certain webpages, or logging into certain programs

Computer science and programming students can also learn how to build tools for Enabled Play controllers to help themselves and their fellow students as well. They can create things such as:

  • Apps that change profiles automatically
  • Programs that create custom controller profiles for students needs
  • Apps and games that respond to certain inputs from controllers
  • And so much more!

Enabled Education is a no-cost partnership program for schools, districts, education departments, and private organizations in education with the mission to help students work, learn, and play with technology in ways that work for them. Partners in the program get access to resources that help students use Enabled Play devices in the classroom and at home to make it easier to do homework, study new subjects, and use their computers in more ways.

Benefits Included

Discounts on bulk device orders for students

Customized support plans for maintenance

Training and onboarding materials

Cross-account device management

Pre-built profiles for your programs

Here’s how it works:

  1. Follow the link below to request to join the program
  2. A member of the Enabled Play team will reach out to you to setup an initial call or email to learn more about your organization and programs. This person will also be your contact going forward to help answer questions and provide resources and support.
  3. You’ll receive a unique link to use when ordering devices to apply your partner discounts
  4. Order the devices you need
  5. The Enabled Play team will work with you on building initial profiles for the different apps and programs your students use
  6. You’ll then get access to training materials for staff members to use when managing devices for students

Are you ready to get started?

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