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Enabled Education

Bring Enabled devices into the classroom and home with your students to help them learn faster, work more easily, and have more fun along the way. Enabled Education partners get benefits beyond access to devices such as:

  • Discounts on bulk device orders
  • Customized support plans
  • Training and onboarding materials for staff and faculty members
  • Cross-account device management
  • Pre-built profiles for programs and apps used by your school or district

Enabled Gaming

Game developers can bring official profiles to their players that use Enabled Play devices to make it easier for them to get up and running in your game! Organizations specialized in accessibility and assistive tech for gaming can also join the program to get access to other benefits such as:

  • Discounts on device orders
  • Customized support plans
  • Training and onboarding

Enabled Play was founded on the idea of leveling the playing field for everyone by giving people new ways of controlling their games and apps, and our devices were built for gaming first. Organizations that share that vision and passion are invited to join to help solve these problems for more games and players.

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