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Enabled Accessibility

Bring equitable access to your customers and unlock a community of hundreds of millions of people to use your service and products.

Embed Enabled Play Controls into Your Apps, Website, Games, and Services.

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Give Your Users…

Expressions and Gestures

Users can use their phone, tablet, or computer’s camera to turn face expressions and body gestures into inputs. Over 30 different expressions and gestures.

expressions and gestures

Voice Commands and Dictation

Let users say what they want, navigate, control and type what they say using a personalized, offline, and real-time speech recognizer.

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Simplified Button Controls

Simplify the controls of your app or game by using hotkeys and virtual buttons. Let users tap what they want to do more easily.

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Personalized Settings and Use

Let users personalize how they use your services. They can choose what voice, gesture, expression, and other commands work best for them.

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Distributed Controls

Users can bring their own devices to make your services more accessible for them without needing new hardware involved.

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Any Controls on Any Platform

Bring new levels of equitable accessibility to everywhere your customers are.


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Mobile Apps

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Desktop Apps

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