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Accessibility and assistive technology for businesses, educators, gamers, and more. Let’s find the right one for you.

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Business looking to create more equitable accessibility in my products, apps, games, and services

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Learn how to bring new levels of accessibility to your users and acquire new users by adding voice commands, dictation, face expressions, virtual buttons, personalized inputs, macros, automation, and more to your existing applications, websites, and games with ease.

Enabled Accessibility lets users use Enabled Play to control your services.

Person looking to use Enabled Play’s controls for education, productivity, gaming, or other use cases

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Enabled Play Controllers let you control any computer in ways that work best for you. Use voice commands, face expressions, tilt controls, hotkeys and more. Use them anywhere you would use a keyboard and mouse or controller.

Play games, do homework, be productive, and control your technology with ease.

Sign up for the upcoming beta for Mac and Windows to use controls without needing new hardware too!

Turn Any Input

Enabled Play helps you turn anything into a new input for you computers, game consoles, and more. Powered by offline, private, and personalized Artificial Intelligence and distributed services – all packed into affordable devices and apps.

• Offline real-time speech

• Face expressions

• Head positioning

• Hand gestures

• Shake detection

• Tilt controls

• Dictation

• Virtual buttons

• Third party integrations

To Any Output

Bring your Enabled Controllers anywhere to use on any device. Compatible with Windows, MacOS, select game consoles, and more!

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Key Bindings and Typing

Take any command or input and turn it into a simple key press – like “jump” for space bar, “copy” for Ctrl+c

Mouse movement and clicks

 Move your mouse from tilt controls or map commands to click

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Game controller buttons

 Map commands to joysticks and buttons too!

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Macros and Automation

Map a command to a series of events. Combine key presses, pauses, mouse movement, and typed phrases

See It In Action!

For Education

Educators use Enabled Play Controllers to make their computer labs, CTE, and special education technology more accessible to their students.

For Productivity

Bring Enabled Play Controllers to your workplace to make your team more inclusive and productive. Automate common tasks and create new tools together!

For Gaming

Enabled Play was originally built for gaming. Use your voice, face, body, and more all at the same time to make games easier and more fun to play!

For Therapy

Speech and occupational therapists use Enabled Play’s expression and non-verbal speech detection to gamify exercises and make sessions more fun too!

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Editor In Chief and Mobility Editor for @GameA11yNexus

Researcher, Microsoft Devices. Co-Inventor of the Xbox Adaptive Controller

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Become a Partner to Help Your Students, Gamers, Clients, and Patients

Enabled Play’s partner programs help organizations such as assistive gaming charities, departments of education, schools, therapy groups, employers, and others have more success with their devices. These partner programs include discounts on devices, custom pre-built profiles, advanced support, and more! Checkout the details below to learn more and become a partner.

Work in Education or Speech and Occupational Therapy?

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Create Games or Help Gamers with Accessibility?

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Want to Create a More Accessible and Inclusive Workplace?

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