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The Washington Post: The latest video game controller isn’t plastic. It’s your face.

Over decades, input devices in the video game industry have evolved from simple joysticks to sophisticated controllers that emit haptic feedback. But with Enabled Play, a new piece of assistive tech created by self-taught developer Alex Dunn, users are embracing a different kind of input: facial expressions…

DEA: Digital Enterprise Academy

Enabled Play and Digital Enterprise Academy Partner to Make STEM Education Accessible for All Students

Enabled Play announces an official partnership with DEA to bring the Enabled Play platform to new STEM programs, maker-spaces, and beyond. Learn more about how DEA and Enabled Play can help students together.

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Handelminutes Podcast: Enabled Play for everyone with Alex Dunn

Enabled Play helps people turn anything into a new input for their computers, game consoles, and more. Powered by offline, private, and personalized Artificial Intelligence and distributed services – all packed into affordable devices and apps. Imagine playing Elden Ring with just your facial expressions! Or enabling keyboards, mice, and game pads with whatever devices will best set you up for success. Enabled Play enable folks with disabilities, different levels of abilities, basically everyone to be their best selves on any device. Scott talks to Alex Dunn about the ideas and goals behind his company, how he built it, and how Enabled Play is about Work, Life, and Play for everyone.

Image of Alex Dunn using Enabled Play Controller

Microsoft Story: Self Taught Developer Levels the Playing Field for People with Disabilities

Raspberry Pi: New AI devices make computing easier for people with disabilities

Image of enabled play controllers

Hackster.io: Enabled Play Makes Gaming More Accessible to Those with Disabilities

Crossed wires podcast logo

Crossed Wires Podcast: Enabling Accessible Gaming

Elden Ring Boss Screen

Reddit: Playing Elden Ring with Enabled Play using voice commands and face expressions

infographic on why accessibility matters

#GAAD Global Accessibility Awareness Day! Checkout our thread on why Enabled Play was created.

Nevada Computer Science Summit: Making Every Computer More Accessible with Enabled Play

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