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How Enabled Play Works

Get up and running with your Enabled Play devices with these easy steps!

Step 1: Grab an Enabled Play Device

First, you’ll need an official Enabled Play device such as the Enabled Controller or Enabled Controller Lite.

Enabled Play Controllers

Step 2: Download the Enabled Play App

You can get the Enabled Play app on iOS and Android. Download it from the App Store or Play Store.

Enabled Play App

Step 3: Setup Your Device in the App

Follow the device setup steps in the app to connect your device to the internet and register it to your account. Once it is setup, you can start sending commands to it!

setup new device

Step 4: Build Profiles for Your Apps or Games

Profiles are how your device or controller knows what to do when you send it commands. They consist of key and button presses, macros, and “hotkeys” that add virtual buttons to your app.

Build profiles

Step 5: Set Your Controller’s Profile

Now that you’ve made your profiles, you need to tell your controller which one to use. You can switch between profiles at any time.

Device Detail Page

Step 6: Start Telling Your Controller What To Do!

Send commands to your controller in any way that you want! Try spoken commands, tap your hotkey buttons, use your facial expressions, type messages from your phone or tablet, or use the app’s tilt controls all at the same time!

Start playing, learning, working, and using technology in ways that work best for you!


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