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Enabled Play and Digital Enterprise Academy Partner to Make STEM Education Accessible for All Students

June 29th, 2022 – Enabled Play announces an official partnership with the Digital Enterprise Academy to bring the Enabled Play platform and devices to new STEM education programs, makerspaces, and beyond. Both Digital Enterprise Academy and Enabled Play are on a mission to make all technology inclusive and accessible to all students regardless of financial situation, physical ability, or learning capability.

Digital Enterprise Academy (DEA), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization fueled by Clairvoya, is a technology-driven learning and skills development program for students located in Washington, D.C. DEA is an inclusive transformative experience designed for students that have not yet decided what to pursue in college or career. DEA is an offline, online, and blended STEM Learning Center that provides a practical, hands-on approach to problem solving, communication, and collaboration. Students in the program will be part of a small group learning and making together.

“We have served over 2,000 students in DC Public Schools to date. Our goal is to show 1 million students what they are capable of with the use of technology.” – Randy Wilkins, Founder of DEA

Together, DEA and Enable Play will create new modular programs that provide the space and tools for students with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) to get involved in STEM and Computer Science. It’s designed for small groups of young people of all ages and ability. The program makes learning, working and playing more accessible, inclusive and immersive with the goal of supporting education, corporate apprenticeship, and internship programs that help young people discover STEM. In these spaces, participants are given authentic design problems to work through using cutting edge software like robotics, Raspberry

Pi, Unity, Unreal Engine, and the Enabled Play platform. Students also get to experiment and build with tools such, Bluetooth micro-controllers, electronics,

and 3D printers as well as learn with programming languages such as Scratch, Minecraft, JavaScript, Python, Lua, C#, C++, and Rust.

“We’re extremely excited to be working with DEA to combine their experience in immersive STEM education and our experience in accessible software and hardware to make STEM learning something achievable for every single student.” – Alex Dunn, Founder of Enabled Play

Enabled Play is a series of devices and platform that empower people to use their technology in new ways including voice commands, dictation, face expression controls, body gestures, tilt controls, virtual hotkeys, automation, macros, and more. All with the goal to change the human-computer interaction paradigm into one that is more inclusive to all people.

Learn more about Enabled Play’s devices and platform at https://enabledplay.com and learn more about DEA’s STEM learning programs at https://www.deacademy.org/

Interested in working with DEA and Enabled Play to make your STEM programs more accessible? Contact Alex Dunn at alex@enabledplay.com    

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