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The Enabled Play App is your hub for setting up and managing your devices, creating profiles, sending commands, and using your controllers in new ways! Download the app and create your account to get started!

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App Features

Setup and manage your Enabled Play Controllers!

Use the app to set up your controller. Connect to it via Bluetooth, send Wi-Fi info to the controller, and get it registered to your account. Once your controller is setup, you can manage it, change its name, change its profile, and start sending it commands to do actions on your computer or console.

Manage your Enabled Play Controllers

Create Controller Profiles

Controller profiles are how you tell your controller what it should do when you send it commands! Profiles consist of:

  • A name: So you can easily find it and swap to it
  • Keys and buttons: Press a keyboard key when a command is sent
  • Macros: Do a series of actions when a command is sent such as pressing multiple keys, waiting, and typing a phrase out
  • Hotkeys: Put virtual buttons in your app that you can tap to send commands

You can use the Command Builder tool to create new actions when you send your controller commands. These commands can be spoken commands, expression and gestures using your phone or tablet’s camera, tilt controls using your phone or tablet’s sensors, or other commands for third parties and hotkey buttons.

You can create profiles for any app or game you use! Once you have at least one profile, you can go to your controller in the app and tell it which profile to use. You can also change profiles at any time to change what your controller will do.

Create Controller profiles for apps and games

Use Your Voice, Face Expressions, and more to Control Your Devices

The Enabled Play app lets you send commands to your controller in many different ways! You can:

  • Start the microphone on your controller for spoken commands
  • Use tilt controls to send commands when you move your phone or tablet around
  • Use expression controls to send commands when you move your head or change your face expression (like smiling, winking, and raising your eyebrows)
  • Use hotkeys to tap buttons in the app to send commands
  • Send messages to type remotely by using the Type a Message feature

Combine any and all these inputs at the same time to customize your controller to be the best it can for you! For example, use spoken commands, expression controls, and hotkeys all together alongside your existing keyboard or controller to let you use your hands, face, and voice all at the same time!!

use your voice and face controls

Use Tilt Controls to Send Commands

Tilt controls use your phone or tablet’s accelerometer and gyroscope sensors to let you tilt your device to send commands. You can tilt it left, right, up, and down to send different commands! You can also shake your phone or tablet to send the “shake” command to your controller.

If you’ve added any tilt control commands to your profile that your controller is using, then your controller will start taking action as you move your phone or tablet around!

Combine tilt controls with the other inputs like voice and hotkeys to get the most out of your Enabled Play Controllers!

use tilt controls

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