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A platform that helps anyone access and control their technology in ways that work for them.

Use voice commands, face expressions, body gestures, virtual buttons, tilt controls, third party devices, and more to output keyboard, mouse, game controller, and macros to better control your programs, games, computers, and more.

Enabled Play

How Enabled Play Works!

Checkout this short video on how to use Enabled Play devices and platform. Control your computers, games, and technology with your voice, face, body, automation, and more!

Millions of people around the world face difficulties with accessing and using technology as quickly as others around them, leading to compounding issues of falling behind as the world moves faster. This can be due to a disability, disadvantage, or just an unfamiliarity with how tech works. We live, work, and play on an uneven playing field – Enabled Play is on a mission to level that playing field.

Enabled Controllers – Any Input

Enabled Play helps people turn anything into a new input for their computers, game consoles, and more. Powered by offline, private, and personalized Artificial Intelligence and distributed services – all packed into affordable devices and apps.

• Offline real-time speech

• Face expressions

• Head positioning

• Body gestures

• Shake detection

• Tilt controls

• Remote dictation

• Virtual buttons

• Third party integrations

To Any Output

Bring your Enabled Controllers anywhere to use on any device. Compatible with Windows, MacOS, select game consoles, and more!

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Key Bindings and Typing

Take any command or input and turn it into a simple key press – like “jump” for space bar, “copy” for Ctrl+c

Mouse movement and clicks

 Move your mouse from tilt controls or map commands to click

an icon of a video game controller

Game controller buttons

 Map commands to joysticks and buttons too!

icon for virtual hotkeys

Macros and Automation

Map a command to a series of events. Combine key presses, pauses, mouse movement, and typed phrases

Educators Use Enabled Play to Help Their Students

The Enabled Education program is a service that helps schools make their students’ computers and computer labs more accessible by supporting teachers, staff, and faculty in helping students use Enabled Play Controllers to do more. If you’re an educator looking to help make your schools’ technology more accessible to more students, then the Enabled Education program is for you! Learn more about you can help your students use technology or request to join the program by following the link below.

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